Food in Rameswaram

Rameswaram is considered to be a famous religious destination that attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world. Known as “Varanasi of South”, Rameswaram holds a rich heritage and tradition over the past years. This is the place where god Vishnu worshipped Lord Shiva. There are hundreds of devotees every year in the city of Rameswaram. Though the cuisine in Rameswaram includes pure South Indian delights like boiled rice, ragi balls, curd rice, fresh bajjis one can also get a taste of North Indian curry and dal in the city restaurants.

Restaurants in Rameswaram

In order to help out the people, there are number of restaurants established in major areas of the city. The Rameswaram restaurants offer a wide range of North Indian Dishes, Chinese dishes, Thai foods, Continental delights and much more. Vegetarian food is primarily preferred by the religious people in the Rameswaram city. However, the tourists can try out finest dishes made with meat, fish and egg. Most of the people in the heritage city utilize coconut oil in their dishes to get the real taste.

Start the day with a Cup of Coffee

Breakfast in Rameswaram

People can start the day with a hot cup of coffee or filter kaapi (filter coffee) as it is popularly known in this part of the city to bring the mind to a relaxed state. The breakfast forms the most important meal of the people of Rameswaram which is savoured by a cup of coffee. Some people also prefer tea along with idli, upma and vada.

Rameswaram with rich tradition in South Indian food provides tasty foods like Idli, Dosa, Vada and Pongal to start the day with full enthusiasm. Taste of Idli, Vada, Dosa with chutney made of coconut can’t be expressed in words. Experience the magical taste behind the world loved food Dosa with chutney in the city of Rameswaram.

Lunch Delight in Rameswaram

Food in RameswaramBefore the taste of breakfast runs out from the tongue, people will be invited in Rameswaram to taste the special lunch. It is better to opt for vegetarian meals for lunch. Some hotels in Rameswaram serve lunch on plaintain leaf to bring the taste and feel of traditional lunch. Since Rameswaram is one of the famous fishing spots, hotels of Rameswaram also serve meal with delicious curries made out of fresh fish. Sea food like cuttle fish, crab meat and baby octopus are prepared by the people in Rameswaram.  Pepper slashes, chicken curry, Keema Vadas and Meat Ball curries are some of the food delights in Rameswarm. During the festival and celebration season, the people serve the hot food on the traditional leaf. Sweet is served first on the leaf and then the main meal (rice, rasam, curd) is kept for the guests or visitors. All the families in Rameswaram would include curd rice in their menu regularly.

Dinner in Rameswaram

Dinner in RameswaramNight food in Rameswaram brings good climax for a tasteful day in Rameswaram. People can enjoy a late evening walk exploring the spicy specials for dinner. Some of the most loved night food includes Chapatti, Paratha, Roast and Biriyani. All the foods for dinner are served with vegetable and non vegetable curries that explode the taste to your nerves.

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